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The 50 Hottest Female Celebrities of Sports: 26 to 50

The 50 Hottest Female Celebrities of Sports: 26 to 50
 collage of 50 hot sports women
Hours of training. Dedication. Toned bodies. Tanned skins.
Women and sports make an awesome combo, and PopCrunch wanted to honor this combo by listing the hottest female sports figures from around the world!
We’ve broken the top 50 into five pages, each with ten women, and we’ve ranked them according to hotness (you are free to agree or disagree with our ordering, but we think we did a pretty damn good job).

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 50. Daniela Hantuchov√°
Daniela Hantuchov√°
This 24-year-old tennis player was born in Slovakia. Apart from being a talented player (she won three WTA tournaments already), she is also gorgeous. And we are not the only ones to think like that. In fact, she has twice topped the ACE tennis magazine’s list with the world’s sexiest tennis players.

49. Jennie Finch

Jennie Finch
California is the state of beautiful women, and this lady is no exception. Jennie is probably the most famous softball player around the world, and we dare to say that this is not the result of her athletic performance alone!

48. Flavia Delaroli

Flavia Delaroli brazil swim team
Goddess of the Brazilian swimming team, Flavia is specialized in the 50 meters freestyle. She arrived at the finals on the Athens 2004 Olympic games. No wonder where that spectacular body is coming from.

47. Sabrina Ferilli

Sabrina Ferilli italian soccer
She is not an athlete, but she is tightly connected with the soccer world, being one of the most famous supporters of the Italian soccer team AS Roma. Her devotion to the club is so big that in order to celebrate the 2001 Italian championship title, she performed a striptease in the middle of the stadium, to the delight of the present fans. Her sexy calender sold over one million copies, which is a record in Italy. Sabrina, sei troppo bella!

46. Christine Arron

Christine Arron french woman
Christine was born in Guadeloupe, but she competes officially for France, on the track and field sprint events. She broke 100m European record some years ago. Christine made it to our list thanks to her exotic beauty and ripped body.

45. Natalie Gulbis

Natalie Gulbis golf
If you thought that golf was a game for old farts, you were wrong. This 24-years-old beauty started playing the sport at the early age of four, and now she is one of the attractions of the LPGA Tour. I wouldn’t mind doing a course with her.

44. Lauren Jackson

Lauren Jackson basketball
If you are into tall women, you probably won’t find anything to top Lauren Jackson. Her height is 6 feet and 5 inches, or 1,96 meters. Lauren is also considered one of the best basketball players in the world.

43. Mia St. John

Mia St. John boxer
Here is a gorgeous woman that you might want to refrain from whistling to while she passes by. Mia is an American professional boxer and Tae Kwon Do champion. Her boxing record is 22 wins and 1 draw, with 12 knockouts. Ouch! In 1999 she was also featured on the cover of Playboy.

42. Kari Traa

Kari Traa Norwegian skier
Born in 1974, this Norwegian freestyle skier is what you can call a sexy bomb. She is four times world champion and one time Olympic champion in the moguls event. These are not our favorite titles though. In 2002 she was declared the most sexy woman in Norway. Now that is an accomplishment!

41. Victoria Vanucci

Victoria Vanucci tennis player
Victoria started playing tennis at a very young age. Right after turning professional, however, a shoulder injury suddenly stopped her career. Well, her tennis career. Luckily (for us) she decided to become a model afterwards, with several appearances on magazines like Maxim and Playboy.


40. Danica Patrick

Danica Patrick indycar series
At 5′2 feet tall, and weighting 100 pounds, Danica is a heck of a sexy racing driver. She was born in Wisconsin, and currently competes in the IndyCar series. In 2005 Playboy invited her to get featured on the magazine, but she decline. Damn!

39. Tanith Belbin

Tanith Belbin ice skating
Yeah we also think that ice dancing is a lame sport. You can’t deny that watching the performance of this 24-years-old Canadian-American would be pleasant though. She is five-times U.S. National champion, 2006 Olympic silver medalist, and hot!

38. Francesca Piccinini

Francesca Piccinini volleyball player
Francesca is an Italian volleyball player. At a height of 6′1, she is able to spike at 304 cm from the ground (equivalent to 9′11). She also played over 330 official matches with the Italian national team. The woman is beautiful, but with such an athletic performance you can’t help but admire her.

37. Dara Torres

Dara Torres olympic games
One of the most famous athletes from the United States, Dara was the first swimmer to compete in four Olympic games. Despite having nine Olympic medals, no one ever gave her one for being one of the hottest swimmers around. We would!

36. Amy Acuff

Amy Acuff high jump olympics
Amy was born in Texas, 1975. She is a high jump competitor for the United States, and she participated in three Olympic games. Lately she also started a career as model, getting featured on magazines like FHM and Playboy (you should check that…).

35. Natalie Coughlin

Natalie Coughlin professional swimmer
Alright, no big boobs, we know. She has a really cute face and a toned body to compensate though. Natalie is a professional swimmer, and she won two gold medals on the 2004 Athens Olympic games.

34. Lokelani McMichael

Lokelani McMichael triathlete
Man, that is a true Hawaiian beauty! Lokelani has already being featured in several magazines like Maxim and GQ. Ah, in the case you want to know what she does, she is competes in the triathlon.

33. Mary Sauer

Mary Sauer pole vaulter
You would never have thought that pole vaulters could be sexy eh? Well, take a look at Mrs. Mary Sauer. Born in Wisconsin, 1975, she definitely makes watching this discipline more fun.

32. Jamie Sale

Jamie Sale ice skater
Jamie is one of the prettiest things you will ever see on a pair of skates on the ice. She already won both an Olympic gold medal and a world championship. Unfortunately for us, she is happily married since 2005.

31. Gretchen Bleiler

Gretchen Bleiler snowboarder
One of the most famous female snowboarders in the world, Gretchen lives in Aspen, Colorado. I am not a fan of cold temperatures, but if she invited me over I would be booking my ticket straight away.

In this section of the list of 50 hottest women of sports, we move into the bottom half. Starting at 30 and going down to 21, we feature some of most beautiful stars of volleyball, soccer and swimming.

30. Gabrielle Reece

Gabrielle Reece female volleyball player
Gabrielle took a quite unusual career path. First she became a model, and then she started playing volleyball professionally. Well, we are fine with that, since it probably helped to make her body the statue it is today.

29. Michelle Wie

Michelle Wie golfer
I wonder if one should spell her surname like the Nintendo console. Anyway, this is the youngest entry of our list. She was born in 1989 (make the maths lazy ass) in Hawaii. Back in 2005 she became a professional golfer, and now she takes part in the LPGA.

28. Victoria Adams

Victoria Adams Beckham
Before people start bitching, the list covers “hot girls from the sports world,” which goes beyond athletes. Victoria is married to famous soccer player David Beckham, so we figured she is qualified to appear here. Actually, take a look at the picture and let me know if these curves are not enough credentials.

27. Heather Mitts

Heather Mitts soccer
When I see soccer players like this, I wonder why men and women are not allowed to play together. Heather plays in the U.S. National Soccer Team (she is a defender in the case you were wondering). In 2004 she was also elected the “Hottest Female Athlete” by ESPN. No kidding!

26. Misty May

Misty May volleyball beauty
Misty May is a professional beach volleyball player. Born in California, her highest achievement was the gold medal on the 2004 Summer Olympics. At the age of 30, she is definitely still on top of her game!
To See The 50 Hottest Female Celebrities of Sports: 26 to 50

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