Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Portraits Made Of Hundreds Of Pills

It is well known that lot of celebrities have problems with using drugs. American artist Jason Mecier decided to speak about this problem in his own way. He created a number of celebrity mosaic-portraits out of colored prescription pills.
There you can find portrait of Heath Ledger who has lost his life because of drugs overdose. The Michael Jackson portrait is pretty interesting too. If you look those photos from a distance or resize them to a tiny images, you’ll see that those portraits are pretty realistic.
Jason Mecier is a mosaic portrait artist who has worked for a years in creation of amazing mosaic portraits using beans, noodles, yarn and similar inexpensive materials. He claims that there’s no any ‘fooling’ about his artworks and that he is not using any trick shots or studio touch ups to create his artworks.

pills-portraits-michael jacksonMichael Jackson
pill portraits kelly osbourneKelly Osbourne
pill-portraits-heath-ledgerHeath Ledger
pills-portrait-courtney loveCourtney Love

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