Monday, June 14, 2010

Top 10 Hottest Celebrity Couples of 2010 Pics

We’ve found a scientific method for rating a couple’s “hotness,” based on four categories: Success, Attractiveness, Popularity and Staying Power. Top 10 Hottest Celebrity Couples of 2010 Pics.

1. Victoria & David Beckham
He’s a world-class soccer player with a $250 million soccer contract; she’s a high-end fashion designer. He has more endorsement deals than we can count; she was an international pop star. And they both model underwear on the side. In the past year, this couple’s profile has skyrocketed, thanks in no small part to Victoria’s flourishing fashion career. And rumor has it they’re trying for a little girl? Fingers crossed
2. Beyonce & Jay-Z
The good news: This couple scored second out of all the duos on our list! The bad news? That’s where they were last year, too. Sure, they’re both music moguls worth a fortune, some of the  most popular names in showbiz, and she has more sponsorship campaigns than your average supermodel — but until we see some babies or Oscars, they won’t budge.
3. Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie
This Hollywood golden couple scored the top spot on our list last year, but the past several months have seen a dip in their public profiles. They’re two of the most powerful people in entertainment, and they both have some big movies coming out, but they’re constantly surrounded by break-up rumors. Sure, we doubt it’s as bad as the tabloids make it out to be, but could there be trouble brewing for the Jolie-Pitt crew?
4. Gisele Bundchen & Tom Brady
With new baby Benjamin in the mix, Gisele and Tom should have bumped up to a higher spot this year, but they’re still stuck at number 4. What gives? Even though you couldn’t find a more attractive pair, they’re just not as popular on Google as other couples on our list. And it doesn’t help that Brady ended the 2009 season with his first career home playoff loss. But remember the big picture: They’re still dominating in nearly every category.
5. Johnny Depp & Vanessa Paradis
This couple made a solid jump up this year, thanks to some career achievements. Depp starred in the much-anticipated Alice in Wonderland, while Karl Lagerfeld hand-picked Paradis to be the new face of Chanel’s Rouge Coco lipstick. She’ll also be featured in campaigns for the label’s handbags this coming year. And doesn’t their southern French existence seem like the stuff of fairly tales?
6. Tim McGraw & Faith Hill
This couple has it all: successful country music careers, high profiles and a stable family life. But they fell a couple of spots on our list this year, not because of any rocky relationship rumors, but because they haven’t brought much of anything new to the table (with the exception of McGraw’s generally well-received performance in The Blind Side).
7. Gwen Stefani & Gavin Rossdale
Eight years of marriage, and these two are still going strong! They have two little boys and booming music careers, not to mention Gwen’s super-successful clothing line, L.A.M.B. And we can’t get enough of seeing them play with tots Kingston and Zuma at the park: They pull off a sincere and intimate family life in a showbiz environment.
8. Justin Timberlake & Jessica Biel
Justin’s an entertainment mogul at this point, and Jessica has had an amazing year career-wise with Valentine’s Day. But on a personal level, they’ve dropped in our rankings because of the never-ending breakup rumors: Justin’s out flirting with other ladies, he’s going back to Cameron Diaz, and the list goes on. And wasn’t it JT’s grandmother who said, “As far as we’re concerned, he’s always been single”?
9. Seal & Heidi Klum
This power couple has been married since 2005, and this year saw the birth of yet another member of their brood, Lou (that makes four!) Naturally it took Heidi no time to get back to her pre-baby size, and since both of their careers are still right on track, the duo saw a nice boost in our rankings.
10. David Bowie & Iman
There’s not much new going on with this duo in the past year, but what else could they possibly want? Bowie is a rock legend with wealth estimated at almost $300 million, while Iman is an icon in her own right, raking in profits from her line IMAN Global Chic. They’re cool, fashionable and stable — they’ve been married since 1992!

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