Sunday, June 19, 2011

veet Lollywood Celebration Of Beauty 2011 Pictures Collection

veet Lollywood Celebration Of Beauty 2011 Pictures Collection. Veet Celebration of Beauty 2011, displays latest pieces full with culture and colors that stand out and makes you fall in love with these colorful vibrant mixtures. Veet is promoting the local fashion industry and encourage fresh talent, from designers to models and stylists, the fashion industry though still at an infant stage has experienced mega development in recent years at the hands of Veet that projects through its Veet Celebration of Beauty a reflection of the brand itself. Emitting a sense of Feminity and Beauty to the modern day confident female, Veet has taken considerable initiative to establish itself in the local fashion setup through Veet Celebration of Beauty, giving immense equity to the brand. Here are some photos of this event, Checkout!














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