Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Artistic Coloured Pencil Dining Room Table

Artistic Coloured Pencil Dining Room Table. Colored pencils aren't only perfect for creating art, they may be art themselves! We've already seen this once using the gorgeous gradient color pencil display and now we view it again with sculptor Motohiro Tomii's Table of Pencils, an installation at the Museum of recent Art Tokyo in 2011.The Table of Pencils seems beautifully simple yet clearly there was lots of thought behind it. Tomii, who has always been interested in why we make things, questioned “Does art serve a motive?" as he worked on this project. Eventually, however, Tomii come to the conclusion that "art are some things incomprehensible." Walking a thin line between conceptualism and utilitarianism, the Table of Pencils is pleasing to the eye, regardless of the purpose that it serves.

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