Thursday, February 9, 2012

Shining Makeup Self Portraits

Shining Makeup Self Portraits. Makeup artist and photographer Nadia Wicker understands the necessity of cosmetic assistance for an image. In her series titled Ursides, the multifaceted artist combines her passions and skills to make spectacular compilation of self-portraits that rely heavily on facial beauty items.

Against an empty, black backdrop, the makeup artist-photographer-model displays an unconventionally disproportionate quantity of makeup on her face for a beauty shot. Appearing a lot more like facepaint or sparks of multihued lights, each image exhibits a variety of glistening hues that abstractly construct the type of a person face. The wispy streaks of color evoke a feeling of motion and also the glittery colors pop against its dark surroundings. Through this series, I don't have a definite concept of what are the artist appears like, but it's artistically refreshing to look through Wicker's colorfully illuminated portfolio.

We were lucky enough to get in contact with Nadia and ask her a couple of questions. You will see that brief interview, below.

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