Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Amazing Pics First Russian Space Dogs

russian dogs in space 1
 Amazing Pics First Russian Space Dogs
We had first Russian space pig a few day ago. Ok now it’s turn for Russian space dogs.
There were a lot of them. Before the first human has traveled to space and back there were twenty nine launches with dogs. Ten dogs died, saving the life to the first human offering Russian space scientists invaluable data on how all the systems of the ship behave during the space flight, launch and its landing. Some dogs even had a few flights.

russian dogs in space 2
This is a dog in a first version of dog space suit. It was very simple first.
russian dogs in space 3
That’s a descending module of the first dogged (like manned) flight to space.
russian dogs in space 4
And that’s more advanced version of the descending capsule for dogs.
russian dogs in space 5
All the dogs were honored when they managed returning with success from space.
russian dogs in space 6
And that’s a very rare thing - a real dog’s space suit!
russian dogs in space 8
If to be honest Russian space scientists also had experiments with rabbits. But still we need to admit that the main pioneers of space were dogs.
russian dogs in space 9

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