Sunday, November 7, 2010

The Daily Stare: Friday Funnies Photo Collection

1The Daily Stare: Friday Funnies
This is one amazing road that was made for a day of hair pin turns, rushing winds, and a good time. You can find this curvy road in the Alps. It is called the Stelvio Pass and was constructed between 182 0 and 1825 by the Austrian Empire. This pass is 2,758 meters above sea level and it offers 30 one hundred and eighty degree turns.

Day of the Dead Celebrated
2The Daily Stare: Friday Funnies
The day of the dead celebrates ancestors that have passed on and is also called All Saints Day. It is celebrated on November 1st and 2nd.
The young celebrate in a parade entitled La Calabiuza. They celebrated at Tonacatepeque 16 miles north of San Salvador.  They not only honor the dead, but recall the characters from myth.
3The Daily Stare: Friday Funnies
On this unusual wall of tombs a man places flowers of remembrance for a loved one.
Wild Robots Continue to Amaze
4The Daily Stare: Friday Funnies
This robot waiter brings food to waiting customers.
Highway Robbery
5The Daily Stare: Friday Funnies
Some people take advantage of any situation.This man is selling masks due to the high ash content from the latest volcanic eruption from Mount Merapi in, Indonesia.
Proboscis monkey
Her infant clings to her tightly as she makes this mighty leap in the Bornean forest.
Maori warrior
This man is performing powhiri during the world rowing championships. This ceremony was held at Lake Karapior on October 30th in Cambridge, New Zealand.
Men and their Buffalos
8The Daily Stare: Friday Funnies
Men race their cattle in this race in Thailand
Allahabad Indians Light Candles
9The Daily Stare: Friday Funnies

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