Sunday, November 21, 2010

War-History Museum In Togliatti Photos

Technical museum of Avtovaz in Togliatti is one of the biggest war-history museums in Russia. It consists of two areas with one single ticket and represents the equipment that can be conditionally divided into armour equipment, engineering equipment, artillery, aviation, fleet.

Light tank T-70.
Track-type mine layer GMZ-2.
Mine clearing instalment UR-67.
Medium tank  Т-34-85.
Heavy tank IS-3.
Medium tank  Т-54-2 with mine sweep.
Medium tank Т-62.
Basic tank  Т-72.
Armoured personal carrier BTR-152.
Armoured personal carrier BTR-60PA.
Fighting Vehicle 9P31М ZRK «Arrow-1М»
152 mm self-propelled howitzer 2С3 «Acacia».
203 mm self-propelled gun 2С7 «Pion».
Paratrooper fighting vehicle BMD-1.
Money collector car.

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