Sunday, November 21, 2010

Amazing Photo Collection From This Week

By Ariste
Amazing collection of skyscrapers poking through the cloud canopy on EnvironmentalGraffiti.

All photographs from VII
Incredibly moving photography from Afghanistan from the Readers Digest

By Goddard Photo and Video Blog
Incredibly detailed photograph of the Earth and a link to an animation of the image.

By chris.pietsch
Superb image and a once in a lifetime shot by Chris Pietsch.
This was an image featured in the  newspapers a while back, I am sorry I have not put a credit on it but if you know of the photographer please let me know and I will add it.

Love this shot, very original and great vision!
Rediculous photo of Hong Kong night cityscape, you NEED to click on the image to truly appreciate the photograph!!!
Another photo from an unknown (to me) photographer, great shot, full of character and emotion!

This is one of the most original, moving and inspirational pieces of photo journalism I have ever seen, please read and have a think about what some people do for their country!!

Love this shot for the ‘didn’t expect to see that on the way home’ element of the sh

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