Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Inexpensive and trendy Solar Operated Vehicles

Inexpensive and trendy Solar Operated Vehicles. This wondrous car is a surprise for everyone. Formula zero method means its hat gets energy from the light of sun. The batteries are being charged by solar lever. By it seems like a very luxurious but by use it is less expensive.

The Antro Solo

This smart car built in hungry. The engine is a combination of gas-electric power and solar energy. In a nice weather solar power is sufficient for driving of 25 kilometers but after that engine use electric power. 

The Enigma 
The basic purpose for designing this amazing invention to appreciate the winner of the competition that was held in Royal College of Art. The designer of this car is Paul Howse. Still now this doesn’t produce for commercial purpose.

The Eve
This is based upon on a unique idea. It is coated with windshield that converts the solar rays into useable energy and remaining energy generated by its body. The wheels of this amazing car automatically generated electricity that is used for its engine.

The Italdesign Giugiaro Quaranta

This beautiful car is being used these days. It based upon solar concept. The panels are fixed on the roof and front end for collection of solar energy. This car is designed by Toyota, Ital-design Giorgia and celebration with Sophisticated Electronics.

The Koenigsegg Quant

This unique model is made by super car firm of Sweden. The engine of this terrific car is a cool combination of solar and pyrite. The officials of this company has quoted that car can drive up to 300 miles and can easily charged full in 20 minutes.

The Lotus Eco Elise

This model was firstly shown at British Motor Show in 2010. That model wasbased upon gas but now solar and electric system is being used.

The Mercedes-Benz Formula Zero
Solar energy is radiant energy that is produced by sun. This process is called nuclear fusion. Sun is a giant ball of gas which is based on hydrogen and helium.Due to petroleum crisis solar energy is very important for every sector. Scientists are inventing new things that can be work with solar energy.Solar energy is being used in automobile industry like in cars, factories and also for making electricity. You can see the upcoming car models which will be work on solar energy. You can save your money by buying these cars. These models are very stylish and less expensive ever.

The Peugeot Shoo

This modern car uses solar energy. Its design is made by boat inspiration. The Peugeot Shoo is looking a delightful triangle form.

The SEAT Brisa

This looks like a expensive bicycle but it is a automobile. The panels that collect the solar energy are hidden in its body.

The Solar-Powered Volvo

This amazing and unique car is creating for anticipation in Dakar Rally of 2015.The engine will use diesel and also solar energy. It will be the biggest car in future.

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