Saturday, October 8, 2011

Tree Record ipod device Connect

Tree Record ipod device Connect. The iTree, manufactured by Austria based company KMKG, is a new high-end iPhone/iPod dock. Crafted from a hollowed-out log, the iTree is rather customizable. Buyers can come up between three various kinds of wood as well as make a decision on the length, width, and built-in features. The iTree could be outfitted for wireless capabilities, is capable of supporting iPads, has a built-in CD player, as well as contains a custom fitted vinyl turntable.

KMKG feels that "Good design is founded on experience, it’s personal, it provides a 'Heimat' ('home') and it has very little design as they can." The iTree is really a gorgeous and quite simple design which brings a little nature into one's home. However, this beautiful accessory includes quite the high cost. Starting at $14,982 or more, with each personal customization, you should think it is an operating art work!

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