Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Amazing Scuplture on the ocean Exibition in Australia

Amazing Scuplture on the ocean Exibition in Australia. There are many contests organized by different association to promote this wondrous art. 

You should see and enjoy these delightful models of different things. This sea exhibition becomes the best event to promote a good artwork. Here is a collection of top best sculptures from that exhibition. Check out the Best!

Wow! What a wonderful mirror at the sea of Sydney. It was made by the artist Jane Gillings in the sea exhibition that is conducted on 03/11/2011 at sea of Sydney in Australia. 

It is a very terrific scene of Sculpture of Zebras. It was made by Alan and Julie in a good exhibition that is conducted at Sydney. What a wonderful color combination of black and white!

It is a very nice Sculpture of Steve Crouett. It is located at the sea of Sydney in Australia. It was made for Sea exhibition that is held there.

The name of this wondrous sculpture is “Look This Way”. It was made by Ken Unswoerth at the Bondi Beach of Sydney.

It was made by Bert Flugelman in the event of Sea exhibition of Sydney. More than one hundred artist took part in that amazing event.

It was made by a good artist Simon from Australia. This sculpture launched in 15 annual exhibition of sea at Sydney.

It was made with steel Isometric Trinity by an artist Fatih Semiz of Australia. This sculpture is launched in the exhibition of Sydney.

This beautiful artwork is done by Chava Kuchar. 

This amazing sculpture is made by Corey Thomas to show the attack of dolphins on the beaches.

This model is made by Sang Bong Lee in the exhibition of Sydney. 

This sculpture is made by Hugh Ramage in the sea exhibition of Bondi beach.

This sculpture was made by Hannah Kidd in the exhibition contest that was held at the beach of Sydney. Total no of sculpture were 109 in that event.

This artwork is done by the artist of Greer Taylor. 

This model was made by Yoshio Nitta that is located on the beach of Tamarama in Sydney. 

This fabulous sculpture is made by Belinda Villani in the beautiful event of Sea exhibition of Australia. 

This sculpture was made by an artist in the 15th anniversary of sea exhibitions that was placing in shape of different artwork on the hills of Bondi beach. 

This wonderful and beautiful artwork that is located at the beach of Sydney. 

This beautiful frame is made by Jane Gillingsi. It is located at the beach of Sydney. 

This terrific artwork is done by keizo Ushio.

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