Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Wooden Intriguing Sculpture Inspired

Wooden Intriguing  Sculpture Inspired.We discovered this intriguing wooden sculpture envisioned by Lausanne-based Vincent Kohler, which I believe would integrate nicely in an business building voided by personality, or even just in a very big house. Entitled “Billon”, the project measures 110 x 100 x 300  and is said to be inspired by the thought of an exploding log. The pieces were cut, respecting the laws of symmetry, which makes the entire look appealing. An useful geometry is created, and each point of view reveals new shapes. The tree crust seems to hover on the surface, making one curious about the way all those elements stay together. The projects was completed  by utilizing a assistance built by polystyrene and resin. For art lovers, the interpretations of this modern sculpture are probably numerous.

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